Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Banz: Good sun protection for baby's eyes

Baby Banz: Good sun protection for baby's eyes

August 14, 11:45 AMEarly Childhood Parenting ExaminerAngele Sionna

Having fun outside is a part of kids lives - summer or not. No matter the purpose, you need to protect your little one's skin AND eyes.

"Retinas are sensitive to UV rays (ocular melanomas do occur) and sunglasses with UVA/UVB blocking power can prevent potentially damaging rays from hitting eyes — especially for light-eyed individuals," says Dr. JJ Levenstein, board-certified pediatrician and president/co-founder of MD Moms. "In addition, the very sensitive and thin eyelids are a site easily burned by the sun. Sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection are especially helpful since many preparations burn the eyes and many brands advise not to apply to the areas around the eyes. Wraparound styles are best so that rays can’t enter from the side."

The hardest age group to find good sunglasses for is tots under two. A good choice for this age are Baby Banz sunglasses. Their wrap-around glasses have won an iParenting Media Award and they are the first complete line of children’s eyewear to be endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation. They stay on baby's head with a neoprene elastic strap with velcro for easy size adjustment. I particularly like these for children under two because they stay put on little babies when other types of glasses are constantly slipping off . For older babies it helps stop the constant fidgeting and taking off of sunglasses.

Kt Giftings sends Hollywood’s “Spider-Man” and Jewelry Designer Wife Baby Banz for Their Expanding Family.

Kt Giftings sends Hollywood’s “Spider-Man” and Jewelry Designer Wife a Special Gifting for Their Expanding Family.

For Immediate Release: August 14, 2009 - Mickleton, NJ. The product placement experts at Kt Steppers,LLC were honored to introduce their gifting department (Kt Giftings) to Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer. They presented them with a hand-selected collection of amazing baby & toddler must-haves for their newly expanded family!

On May 8 of this year, Tobey and Jennifer welcomed a new addition to their family, Otis Tobias. Otis is also privileged to have a big sister, Ruby, to watch over him. She turns 3 on November 10th, so the gifting sent was a joint congratulations on birth, becoming a ‘big sis’ and a happy 3rd birthday!

All of the products included in this celebrity gifting were some of the coolest and trendiest hand-crafted products for babies and toddlers.

“We were more than thrilled to put this gifting together for the Maguire’s!” said Katie O’Neill, Owner & President of Kt Steppers, LLC. She continues. ”We (Kt Steppers) were asked to make a “Ruby” stepper and wanted to congratulate them on the birth of Otis too. Since we were making Ruby her very own Kt Stepper we wanted to open the doors to our fellow ‘preneurs to introduce their products and companies to The Maguire’s as a free promotion. The companies who were part of this gifting continue to drive the baby & toddler industry with amazing products that are most sought after”.

Some of the great brands with products submitted for this fan favorite gifting opportunity were:

Baby Banz ( – All necessary Sun Protection gear and information

Congratulations to the Maguire Family! For any information on this gifting or the products associated, please contact Katie O’Neill via email: or 862-266-0263.

Kt Giftings is a department under Kt Steppers, LLC. Kt Steppers is a mom-owned, children inspired, online gift boutique featuring hand-painted and custom designed “steppers” or step stools. According to Katie O’Neill, “my company and many others seek out celebrities and other high profile people to get recognition and approval of their products & company brand. There are other ‘celeb gifting’ companies out there who charge a tremendous amount to do this. As a fellow ‘mom-preneur’ I needed to come up with a better, less expensive way to reach who we wanted and know that our products and company info. was reaching the desired destination. Kt Giftings was formed”.

**Kt Giftings is a Product Promotion and Placement Connoisseur. Where companies can submit their 'it' product(s) for Giftings and Baskets for Prominent Celebrities and Notable Charities. **

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Banz is looking for an Outside Sales Rep!!

Are you located in the Kansas City or surrounding area and looking to join a great team?

Baby BanZ is looking to expand its staff with an Outside Sales Rep - check out the details here!!