Thursday, September 24, 2009 - Test Drive Baby Banz Kids' Sunglasses

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Tuesday August 25, 2009

Test Driver Lucy in her Baby Banz SunhatThese super-cool, no-slip kids' sunglasses for toddlers and big kids are fantastic. Kids love to wear these sunglasses that actually fit little faces and stay-put. Now your little ones can jump waves, build sandcastles, run around the yard, and bebop around town in their favorite sunnies made just for them.

Baby Banz had 4 Test Drivers

  • 2-year old Elijah Test Drove: Kidz Banz Combo in Hunter Camo
  • 3-year old Sarah Test Drove: Kidz Banz and Sunhat in Pink and Green Floral
  • 5-year old Lucy Test Drove: JBanz in Safari Pink and Hat in Solid Pink
  • 5-year old Sawyer Test Drove: Jbanz in Blue and Coordinating Hat

What did my Test Drivers think of their new fun-in-the-sun products?

What did their moms say?
Find Out:

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Image courtesy of Lucy's Mom