Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skin cancer - the facts - Stay Safe in the sun

  • Skin cancer often first appears as a change in a mole or a patch of skin.
  • The most serious type of skin cancer is a malignant melanoma but other types, known as non-melanomas, are the most common.
  • When found early melanomas can be treated quickly and cured.
  • The main cause of skin cancer is too much sun and sunburn can double the risk.
  • The most common sites for melanoma are the leg in women, the back in men and the face in older people, but they can grow anywhere.
  • You may have some moles or dark patches on your skin that are flat or slightly raised. Usually these will remain harmless all your life.
  • Show your doctor any moles or patches of normal skin that change in size, shape or color over weeks or months.
  • Other signs that need to be checked out include a new growth or sore that won't heal, a spot, mole or sore that itches or hurts or a mole or growth that bleeds, crusts or scabs.