Monday, April 19, 2010

Rain or shine - protect baby's eyes!

Rain or shine, your baby can still get exposed to the harmful rays of the sun whenever you go out. This is why your baby needs adequate protection from the sun every time you leave the house.

Because your baby’s skin is thin and has not yet developed fully, your baby’s skin can get burned a lot faster than yours. When going out in the sun with your baby, try to keep your baby away from direct sunlight. Bring an umbrella and protect your baby’s head and eyes with a wide-brimmed hat. Make sure your baby is wearing loose clothing to protect the rest of his or her body. Ask your pediatrician for advice on applying sunscreen to your baby’s skin.

Aside from his or her skin, your baby’s eyes are also at risk for damage. Recent researches have revealed that exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation early in life may result in an increased risk for the development of cataracts in children. Cataracts can have devastating effects on your baby’s vision, and can lead to complete blindness. Although these findings have not been fully established yet, experts are choosing to be on the safe side by supporting the use of baby sunglasses.

Several brands of sunglasses, such as Baby Banz, have already created their own line of sunglasses for babies. The frames are typically made out of durable plastic, with a strap to help hold the sunglasses in place. The sunglasses are available in pink, blue and a host of other colors.

Initially, your baby may not like wearing his or her sunglasses, but with repeated use, your baby will eventually get used to it.

Here are several tips you can apply when deciding on which sunglasses to get for your baby:
•    When choosing sunglasses for your baby, choose a pair that can protect your baby’s eyes from both types of ultraviolet rays, namely UVA and UVB. Make sure the lenses offer 100% UV protection. Also, choose sunglasses that fully cover your baby’s eyes and surrounding eye area, preventing sunlight from creeping in around the edges and reaching your baby’s eyes.
•    Choose durable material for your baby’s sunglasses. Ideally, the lenses of the sunglasses should be scratch-resistant, while the frames should be polycarbonate.
•    When choosing frames for your baby’s sunglasses, choose one with a built-in nose saddle. Baby Banz has a silicone nose and brow piece.
•    If the sunglasses keep falling off your baby’s face, try getting one with adjustable elastic straps. This kind of baby sunglasses are like a loose pair of goggles, making sure that the sunglasses are kept on while your baby remains comfortable.
•    Select baby sunglasses with medium tint. A lens with a tint that is too light does not offer enough protection from glare and bright light, while a lens with a tint that is too dark may let more UV radiation into your baby’s eyes, making it even more harmful. Category 3 lenses are the perfect thing!

Keep your baby protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Get sunglasses for your baby today!