Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Banz are Made for the Summer Shade

Baby Banz are Made for the Summer Shade

Never again will parents have to seek elusive shade in the heat of summer to protect tiny eyes and faces. Baby Banz has got them covered with unique bucket hats that were originally designed in Australia to protect tender skin in one of the world’s most challenging UV environments. Baby Banz hats are clinically held to Australian standards for fabric UV protection with an impressive UPF rating of 50+. Fully adjustable to fit a broad range of little noggins, Baby Banz Bucket Hats are available in a beautiful spectrum of colors designed to keep little ones safe from the sun, while looking their best! Baby Banz is committed to providing children with the best UV protective gear on the market, ranging from swimwear to sunglasses to super cute hats that offer iron-clad protection, while being fun to wear and strong enough to go the distance that children demand.

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