Friday, March 13, 2009

Why reapply sunscreen when you can wear UV Rash tops?

Why bother reapplying that sticky, smelly cream or gel throughout the day when all your children need is sun protection clothing? By wearing a Baby Banz swimshirt or swim suit, your children will protect the sensitive skin on their backs and shoulders.

There are many drawbacks to wearing only sunscreen for protection from the sun. Typically, people do not apply enough sunscreen or they apply it unevenly. There have even been some studies that question the overall effectiveness of sunscreen as typically used by the average consumer. Many people may even forget to use sunscreen on their children until an hour or more after sun exposure has already begun. To add to all these difficulties with relying on sunscreen for UV protection, heat, water, wind, humidity, and perspiration may also decrease a sunscreen's effectiveness.
Studies have also shown most people apply sunscreen after sun exposure begins and may take up to one hour to apply it to their children. Since sunburn can occur within minutes, large quantities of sunscreen must be applied to all family members before going outside.

Experts agree that sun exposure should be limited as best as possible. Children are most especially at risk of extended sun exposure as they love to run around at the pool, park or beach.

Unlike sunscreens, the protection your children will get from UV protective clothing is reliable all day long. Perfect for day camps, outings at the beach or park, or just anytime in the sun. Unlike full body sunscreens the protection is not dependent on the amount applied, temperature, humidity.

Wear our sun protective clothing and hats (we do!); all of our clothing is from top manufacturers and is rated to offer excellent sun protection. Apply a thick coat of high quality sunscreen on all exposed skin before going outside and reapply after swimming and sweating. Try to avoid the peak UV hours of between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Try a couple of shirts for the beach or swimming pool. Your family will love them and you will notice virtually no sun effect (tan or sunburn) on the covered areas!